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Packaging 26oz Jars for Shipping...???

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What would be the best thing to use to ensure there is no breakage? I have tried packing peanuts, but they seem too hard. I also tried bubble wrap, but still had one break.

Is there anything you guys do that I should know about that stops breakage completely? I even thought about buying a few cheaper towels from the dollar store to wrap them in along with packing peanuts.

I have to send 4 jars, and 4 tealight boxes in one parcel.


Any thoughts?

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I wrap the jar in bubble wrap then pack in a large box filled with peanuts. If you have several you can wrap in bubble wrap, place the wrapped jars in an empty candle box with the divider thing still inside, then pack the candle box in a larger box packed with peanuts.

Once I packed a whole case of 16 and 26 oz jars that way. No breaks.

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