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Single starting point for business name?


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My head is swimming from information overload. Could someone who"s been there please tell me, a single starting point for registering a business name?

I finally settled on a business name and I can't seem to stay in one direction. I seem to be making a big circle. As far as i can tell, the name is available, but I can't seem to find a stopping place. Do I contact my local ......?what am I contacting exactly?

I want to make sure it is availble and then I want to do whatever i gotta do to start using it.

Can someone give me a single starting place please? I will try to keep going from there.

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Our State is the Department of Licensing...there is an application there for name registration. Don't know if it is the same in your state, but you could call.

That's who I contacted too. Same here in Alabama.

There was actually Office of Trademarks or something or other.


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