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Perfect Combo!!!!FINALLY

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I LOVE the CDN wick series! I thought ECOs were gonna be my wick of choice, then I tried CDN. They burn sooo clean in soy! My PERFECT combo:

8oz square mason

CDN 12 (10 works well too)

1.25-1.5 oz pp FO

GB 464

1 tbs pp coconut oil


VOILA! Awesome candle!

Gonna test same combo with C3 wax today and see how well that does.

Boy, It sure helps to go to 8 oz candles from 16 oz...ALOT! SOOOO much easier to make and test...with SAME scent throw!

and a big thanks to JBN Creme Brulee.....Couldnt have done it without YOU.

End of speach:yay:

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I tried Apple Cinnamon from Lonestar(not an excellent throw in soy, but good) and mulled cider and Blueberry Cobbler from Lonestar.

The best so far is the JBN Creme Brule and and LS Blueberry Cobbler. The Creme scented my entire house almost instantly! I just ordered CS pumpkin souffle, Hansel and Gretel, Mistletoe, Very Vanilla, and Blueberry Cobbler.

Cannot wait to try those.

Cold and hot throw both amazing with the stronger scents. With the ECOs and HTP I feel like I could always smell the wick(If that makes sense) especially after it was blown out and cooled.

It just feels good to find something that works for you.:yay: Its just ashame that its never all at THE SAME SUPPLIER :rolleyes2

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I hope they work 4 u! I get mine at JBN too, I've heard Mex Vanilla is awesome. I lit the C3 candles yesterday-great scent throw! CDNs had some mushrooming, wicks did better in 464, but with trimming, they were AWESOME! Only cured for 24 hours and they smelt soooo yummmmy!

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It IS nice when something does go right after soooo much testing. I did a cdn 10 in an 8 oz square mason with 464 and forgot to blow it out before bed...woke up...still had a beautiful melt pool, little to no mushrooming and it was already at the last 1/3 of the candle when I lit it. The jar wasnt too hot the next day, still had solid wax below 1/2 inch melt pool...IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Just waiting for SOMETHING to go wrong. The "perfection" can't last long.:rolleyes2 If it did, we'd all be bored:shocked2::cheesy2:

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I was also gonna add that on the C3 wax CDN 12 may need to be upped to CDN 14. The scent(CS Pumpkin Souffle) is amazing:shocked2: Im just not getting a full melt pool yet....Im still testing though, so it may catch up, but Im thinking probably 14.

As for the 464, the 12s have been great, and even 10 for the lighter FOs.

C3 GB 464

8 oz square mason 8 oz square mason

1.25-1.5 oz FO pp 1.25-1.5 oz FO pp

1 TBS Coconut Oil pp 1 TBS CO pp

CDN 12(probably go to 14) CDN 12 or 10

Only let cure 24 hours and amazing scent throw H&C so far. Next is either the fun or frustrating part....SCENTS!!!:laugh2:

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I'm a convert to CDN's now. I just got some it last week (from Candle Cocoon), and prelimary tests are showing that they don't mushroom as much as the CD's, and the flame is more stable (less flicker). I wish more suppliers carried them, but I'm willing to pay extra shipping for such good wicks! Now, what to do with all the other wicks??

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Hi, I copied this info from JBN's info on CDN's..."The CDN series of wick is identical to the CD wick series except that it has been treated with a special patent-pending process to resist the corrosive action of the acidic nature of natural-based candle waxes."

Hope this helps!


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the cdn 14 actually burns slower than the cdn 12

One data point from Wicks Unlimited shouldn't automatically be accepted as reality; it doesn't mean you'll experience the same thing in your own applications. Wick burn testing performed by different companies can produce inconsistent and sometimes anomolous results.

Here is CD burn data from the central distributor of Heinz in the USA:

Stabilo 12 - 6.33 grams/hr

Stabilo 14 - 6.63 grams/hr

Stabilo 16 - 6.82 grams/hr

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