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Hint on CDN size

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I just ordered some CDN wicks from CC. I normally use CD wicks. I know that CDNs burn a little hotter than CD wicks. So what my question is what size should I start with in a 7.5oz Tumbler, which is 2 18/16" wide? I know that the wax I use and Fo/dye combo makes a big difference as to what size wick. Just wanting a starting point from anyone that uses these wicks. Thanks in advance!!

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What kind of wax? I would normally use a 10 in my wax and that might be a little hot for different fos. I have used both wicks and have never noticed an apprciable difference in their performance. I like the cdn wicks because they are treated to resist the corrosive nature of soy wax. You might even look at an 8 and go up from there. HTH


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