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Real Candle Supplies In New York City?


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Hi, all.

I live smack in the middle of Manhattan in NYC and I'm wondering if there are any other New Yorkers here who have a fairly local supplier for wax, wicks, etc.

As a hobby candle maker I get so annoyed at having to pay large shipping fees when I'm only buying small quantities or a few items at a time.

Local stores like Michael's, Lee's Art, Pearl Paint, etc. either don't have supplies or are ridiculously expensive for the limited items they have.

I checked the "Supplier By State" list and didn't see anything...

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I have a similar problem in Virginia. I have to order supplies from out of state. But there are suppliers on the east coast;

Pennsylvania has: Candles and Supplies; Candlewic; Backwoods; Tri-State Candle Supply; Early American Candle Co.; Fillmore Containers

New Jersey has: Farmhouse Candle Supply

No. Carolina has: Candle Science

I order from many of these but my favs with the fastest shipping and prices, customer service, etc are C&S, Fillmore, Backwoods, and CS.

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