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EVO colors from JBN

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Hi, I am interested in purchasing these dyes and along with them I will get a color wheel for mixing custom colors but my question is...JBN looks like they have a limited color selection of these,like no yellow etc. but I was wondering if any of you mix custom colors and have good luck with these?I am looking to make a tropical coral color and a very light baby blue etc.


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I use them & like them very much for both soy & palm waxes. CandleWic also sells the EVO liquid dyes. I've always mixed my own colors using the basic artist's color wheel (primary, secondary & tertiary colors + white for tints, black for shades and grey for tones). While the pure primary colors (red, blue & yellow) are available, the EVO dyes also come in lots of other secondary & tertiary colors, tints & shades.

The kind of wax you put the dyes in will have an effect on the resulting color. Soy wax, for example, is opaque white, so it's hard to get dark or pure, vibrant colors without using a lot of dye, but super easy to get pastel tints, like baby blue. Coral is basically a red-orange tinted with white, so you would simply use very little red & orange with white soy wax to obtain a coral hue.

Have fun! :)

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