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Ok how's this done?

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Looks like a water candle. You weight the bottom of the wick and have something for a base. Lower the wick into a bucket of water, while pouring the wax in. Pour fast and lower slow and straight and you'll get those. Pour a little slower or lower faster, while slowly spinning the wick and you get some really wild designs. Looks like they dipped those three times. Ya gotta do the dip thing once for each color.

Look through the archives. Several of us did some, way back when. I couldn't sell mine for shit, but it was fun to make them.

I did one black one that looked like some kind of evil seaweed thing. The woman I was dating had a daughter who was into the goth stuff. Guess where it wound up?

If you try these, I can promise that your first two will look absolutely nothing like you wanted them to. After that, you kind of get a feel for it.

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I used about a foot of wick, with a tab. Put it in the freezer for a bit, the stuck it into a small bowl and poured wax to fill the bowl. That's what formed my base and gave it the weight it needed to sink in the water.

I had to prop up the wick to keep it straight and centered. Can't remember exactly what kind of Jerry rigging I did to accomplish this but I'm certain it was pure genius. :rolleyes2

When this base was almost set up and could be lifted from the bowl, that's when I went to the bucket with it.

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