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Billie's Dragons Blood soap


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Here's another FO idea we got from Krissy's shaving soap. It is uniquely awesome and manly, but a much milder scent than the Rum Spice we posted earlier. I think Rum Spice is still my favorite, but Dragons Blood is a close second.

Just after unmolding.


A closer look.


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Hope the stabilizer works. I went with TD on the one I did and it still went brown, brown and browner lol.

I love the DB fragrance.

Me too on both. lol Maybe I've just been lucky so far as I probably don't soap as much as a lot of you. I have always had good luck with the VS. Even in Pink sugar, creme brulee, chestnuts and brown sugar. I do add TD but the darkest I've gotten is an ivory creme and that is fine with me.

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