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questions about TKB POP mica colors


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i got some samples from someone on the board who was selling stuff she never used.

i know that some colors morph in CP. i was wondering if anyone can tell me if the blueberry, apple green, or grape POP mica colors change, and if yes, how much and to what?

tia for any help!


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The only one that I know that morphs is the Strawberry Pop it morphs to an orange.

The colors are pretty much true. I use about 1/4 teaspoon to about 6 ounces of color if I am going to do a swirl. If I want to color the whole 2 pound batch one color I use about 3/4 teaspoon for a medium color.

To get a good tangerine I have to use more of this color for some reason.

Barbara AL

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The strawberry pop does not morph in gelled strawberries and champagne FO . I have made 2 large batches and they are both good . With the first batch I had a little bit left , put it in a small mold , it didn't gel , it came out of the mold peachy colored.

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