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Help with these scents!!


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I normally go through a few select companies for my oils. AH/RE, Peaks, Just Scent.

I got some samples from C&S and I like them, but I want to see if there is somewhere else that I should be getting them that is better.

These are the scents:

Sparkling Snowflakes

Cinnamon Apple Berry

Christmas Memories

Christmas Splendor

Mulberry Spice

Winter Candy Apple

I am generally new to purchasing anywhere else, so I would really appreciate the advice. :) Thank you all so much!!!!!


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These are the scents:

Christmas Memories CAJUN CANDLES cajuncandles.com

Christmas Splendor NATURE'S GARDEN naturesgardencandles.com

Mulberry Spice NATURE'S GARDEN ditto

Winter Candy Apple MILL CREEK SOY (?) google this one

I have used the above scents for years and they are all fantastic, strong, great HT and CT and my customers love them!



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Just be careful not to get too attached to C & S. I started to carry some of their oils within the last couple years only to have at least four being discontinued already. I'm now afraid to try any more of their oils because of this. Which is too bad because these were nice oils.:(

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