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Selling online?


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I have been selling online for about 6 years on my own websites.

I have also been selling on Etsy and Aftfire for about one year.

You don't need any type of permit, but if you have a website you need to have your own domain name. You can register a domain with Godaddy.com.

Here is some more information on how to choose a great domain name:


You don't need to do anything to sell on Etsy, Artfire or any type of similar website. You just have to pay their fees. Each of these sites have different fees such as a listing fee and selling fee, so you will have to check each website to see what fees they have and how much they charge for their services.

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You don't need a permit to sell online other than the usual tax and IRS paperwork. Here in PA you need a sales tax and use license and if you are selling under a name other than your own (a business name that does not include your name) then you need to apply for a fictitious name permit and pay a fee.

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