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Fragrance flaking

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Hello. Have any of you had a fragrance that had flakes in the bottle after opening it? I was pouring amazing apple pie and noticed flakes near the bottom of the bottle after it was opened. This happened with all 3 bottles I had. It seemed alright in the wax and mixed well. Do you know if this is a problem? Or is it normal? Thanks, Jeanne

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Hi. Are your oils stored in a cold place? A long time ago a company told me that the flakes were due to the cooler temperatures which effected some oils and just to heat it up some to disolve the flakes. I can't remember the outcome, but if it is working in your wax, it is probably dissolving ok. I quit ordering oils in winter as they have to sit outside in freezing temperatures. Not sure if this helps, but is maybe an answer. Beth

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