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ECO's won't stay lite.

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I am starting to have customers tell me they won't stay lite. Not drowned out, just won't lite. I have used these for 6 months now. I heard this a few times out of 1000s of candles, but now I am hearing it more. Anybody having this problem? I use 464/1.5oz per lbs. 9oz jar, Eco 10's. I think I want to try another wick but am afraid to in the middle of the season. Got any suggestions. TIA.

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I assume you did all the normal testing... but would like to know:

- Does it seem to happen with one particular fragrance oil - like a new oil you are using?

- Have you been getting these wicks from the same supplier?

- Have these problem wicks come from a new bag?

- How and where have you been storing the wicks?

- Is the complaint coming from one person or several people?

Hmmm, curious ...

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SAME EXACT THING just happened to me! My problem was with one of them not staying lit in a double wicked candle....In like 3 candles. So Weird! I cant remember if they were my HTP or ECOs Ill have to go check my notes, but no drowning just goes out. Maybe one was taking O2 from the other.:confused:

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Okay, you guys are starting to worry me. I have been testing my candles to the point of paranoia, and have finally settled on something I think I can sell with ECOs! Ack! I haven't had any of these problems! I wonder where everyone bought their wicks that are causing problems? Maybe we can figure out a common denominator.

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