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Firestarters & melt pictures I thought I would share


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Thought I would share pictures of my collections I've been working on....

These are firestarters that I sell a lot of in shops


More firestarters


And more


These are muffin melts I pour by hand not from a mold. These were done in pink sugar.


These are my macaroon melts the size of cookies. I don't use a mold. The embeds though are a mold.


This is my canning jar collection that I sell to a gift shop in a resort.


More macaroon melts


More melts tied in raffia



These are more melts hand poured except for the embed which is a mold



I'll sometimes do the melts in jars tied off with raffia aside from selling by the piece


My display in my shop


And my precious little "Trappeur". He always had to be with me sitting on the counter or should I say laying all over the counter watching me work and I had to work around him...lol Now you know where I got my name from...


Now, if you look real close in this picture over to the far right, there is my little guy again, "Trappeur" mixed in with the candles....lol....He just had to be everywhere I was. God forbid he miss out on one of his dozens of feedings....lol


Thanks for looking. Its been a while since I put up any pictures. Hope you don't mind all these....


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Beautiful work, I love how creative you are. I must comment on your kitty, she's a beauty. I have 2 kitties and my one just loves to hang out with me when I am making candles and melts. She always seems to get in my pictures too:) How cute :rolleyes2

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