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Ok here is my updated candle!


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You can see the scent pretty well on the labels. I took the picture with my phone and its only 3.2 mega pixel. It does look a little fuzzy. But it stands out pretty well because its the only thing in purple on a brown background. My label template is from Vista Print. When u buy the cards you can also by the copyright. So I just bought the copyright and I just saved it to my pictures. Then photo shopped it a little. And used one of the Avery programs to print it out.

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i understand from reading the thread that u're using the cloth covers as lids for ur jars, which u cannot buy w/ lids.

Since u asked for opinions ..... i have to say that i'm not at all attracted to the cloth cover & twine. If i were to buy a similar candle, i'd be looking for one w/ a bonafide lid, which i consider essential to keep dust out of my candle. I'd lose the piece of cloth, eventually. Tho, it is equally as likely that i'd lose the lid, but i seem to have better luck keeping them w/ my tins.

However, i think the REAL test is how well they sell. ;-)

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