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Round labels


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I was just going to start a similar thread. I purchased online labels -

OL325 - 1.67" circle labels, which are the same as Avery 5293.

I downloaded the free trial of maestro label design that I got with the order. It's very basic, you have very few choices of colors and clip art and I can't copy and paste from my present publisher designs. I can't pick a color and then try variations of tone for that color, their clip art looks amateur.

I tried avery.com to download their design template and ran into the same problem.

Publisher doesn't have a template for round labels.

I need these labels by the end of next week for 3 fairs I have scheduled for that weekend.

Publisher is so versatile, I wish I could figure out the template for these labels.

Worse to worse, I have to use full sheets and cut into rounds. I hate to think about doing that because cutting a circle never comes out right and I don't want to spend more money and time searching and purchasing a hole punch for that size.

I hope somebody who knows something chimes in.

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Avery DesignPro has a button to add round text. You click the button, start typing text into the dialog box, and it appears on the label. My name is ultra long but you can see how it wraps around before you start resizing.

Maestro is supposed to have a version that is not a free trial that you unlock with a code given with purchase from Online Labels. Have not tried that yet though so not sure if it would make it any better.

It's hard to see but in my program the round text button is right next to the 0.2 guide on the left ruler.




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I have used the Maestro, and all it does is you type the text and then pull and stretch the word to fit your circle. Problem is (with mine anyway) is that when you print it, it does not match up to the circle on the sheet of labels. So the are all a little off center. I have worked on this for HOURS. I can't get it to match up. It is like the rows of circles are to close together. I have settled for 1 row perfect, 1 row slightly to the left, and 1 row slightly to the right......bugs the heck out of me!

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I unlocked the code for Maestro because I was given a free trial when I bought my labels. It's very primitive and no, the curved doesn't line up properly. And when I try to adjust, it distorts the word and it looks like crap.

I tried design pro by Avery, that's what I'm talking about on my thread. It's very primitive as well.

Just doesn't look that good at all.

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I use Avery's DesignPro 5.4 Limited Edition. Its a free download from their website. It makes great labels and is easy to use. I used it for all my round labels and they came out great. Plus you can download pics onto your labels and even edit them. I like it better than my Labelmaker Design I purchased at Staples.

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