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I think I'm using the heat tool wrong

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I'm trying my hand at tart melts right now. They look horrible, dip in the middle and dimples all over. Otherwise they are great, very smooth and creamy consistency, very good HT.

So, I did a search on here and read a ton of suggestions and went out and bought a heat tool. It's nothing fancy, it's the Darice Heat Tool from Joann's. Tried them on some of my tarts tonight and now they look worse! If I hold the fun horizontally and blow across the top it blows the wax over to one side and I get a layer of wax on the top that is thicker on one side. If I hold it vertically and blow straight down on it I get a bigger dip in the middle. Surely, I must be doing this wrong? I'm getting discouraged :confused:

Oops, I think I put this in the wrong place! Sorry!

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It is a parasoy blend.

But, my real question is whether or not I'm using this heat gun the wrong way. I would imagine that regardless of type of wax that I'm using if I ever need to use the heat gun on anything (tart, votive, pillar) that I would end up making them all look worse if I'm not using it properly.

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