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which m & p soap to use???


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I currently make melts, room sprays & air fresheners, but would like to try some soap for friends & family as gifts. I have some silicone cupcake type molds (snowmen & snowflakes) that I would like to use, but do not know which type of soap to start with. There seem to be several kinds of m&p soap bases (shea butter, goats milk, etc). What would be a good base for this type of thing?

Thanks!! :yay:

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Shea butter or goats milk bases are both good to use. There are all kinds of bases to choose from; soy, white, goats milk, shea butter, cocoa butter, hemp seed oil, olive oil, clear, ultra clear, oatmeal, etc.

It might help to go to a M&P suppliers website and read about their bases to choose one you like. Peaks has SFIC bases; WSP has Crafters Choice, etc. Other suppliers that carry bases are Elements, Southern Soapers, Essentials by Catalina, Candles and Supplies, and Candlewic. At least those are ones off the top of my head that I know carry bases.

You should be able to buy samples of one or more bases to try out. Samples usually come in 1 to 2 lb slabs to test.

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