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Linen/Room Sprays


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I am going to most likely add these to our line and was wondering for those who do offer these, how well do they sell for you? I was never one to buy them when I was a candle customer when buying from particular candle companies, but I don't think they were as in then. We buy the basic bathroom air fresheners from the store. I am concerned that maybe customers would prefer the aerosol sprays.

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FO and Cyclo is what I found to work best for me.

The scent lingers for a long time!!

Started selling these at the end of the summer and they are selling wel.:cheesy2:

I offer all my candle scents in the room/car spray.

So I do not offer them as B&B safe since not all FO are B&B safe.

MerD-My bottles and fine mist sprayers are fine after using, no leaking..

I get mine from the chemistry store.

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