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I have a Project for you Pillar People!!!!

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I need candles like this for my Christmas Crazy Customers. The lady who makes these here in Canada will NOT sell them to me in bulk. Is there anyone who would be willing to make these and sell me 20-30 of them to start?? I would like them scented in a light peppermint vanilla type scent.

These are gorgeous, but they are made by hand. normal pillars and then hand whipped on the outside.

Any takers? *bats eyes*

P.S. I am in Canada so I would prefer a Canadian candlemaker, as the shipping would be much less, and I wouldn't have to pay a ton of Duty!!

Let me know if you are interested.


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So you don't want to make them yourself? They'd be easier perhaps. Pour core candles and set aside. Whip some wax and there are several methods you could use to apply it to your cooled core candles ... with fork, with rolling in slushy wax etc.

If she dusts it glitter, you can too.

Looks like she may have applied the wax using one of those icing knives/spatulas.

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I actually found the perfect mold!!! I may try it. I just didn't want to have to diversify just yet with another wax. I only use 2 waxes at the moment, this would make 3.

What wax would be good? Someone told me that 6228 is perfect, however, I haven't been able to find anyone who has it anywhere in Canada, and for me to get wax shipped from the states just costs too much for shipping. Anything from Canwax or Alberta Beeswax that is comparable? Plus, I use Zinc core wicks... 51's, would I have to wick up to 60's? This would be a whole new adventure for me for sure. I have never tried pillars.

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For my pillars I use 1274 from Canwax, for wicking I use a 27 ply for my 3 inch. The one time that I made one, I use a small battery operated milk frother for whipping the wax, it worked well. I never did get around to burning it.

Pam F

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