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Stud puppies & hey babe


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Yep, it's another naming thread lol.

Actually I have this fragrance and I don't really like the name of it. Kind of boring, plain and doesn't really have that hubba hubba eye and attention grabbing feel to it.

It's supposed to be the essence of a sexy man ... (quite frankly, this ain't Very Sexy for Him. To me, this is one of those head-turning kind of fragrances that make you sneak a peek from behind.) So that said, here's what you get a little bit of an outdoorsman quality with citrus (orange, lemon, maybe some grapefruit), hay, musk and some patchouli and think a little black pepper bite to it. Some moss and some green. So it's a little fresh, a little mysterious. It's not really rugged, but it's not whimpy or nerdy. Regardless of what or who you consider the sexiest man to be ... I'm looking for names. Anyone up to getting me beyond:

Stud Puppy

Hunk (easily can be misconstrued for Chunk)


Head Turner (not very creative is that?)

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Yeah, aren't they fun LMAO!

Already have a Secret Agent Man so don't need a 007 to compete with it. Wonder if I could use Bond though ... nah, LOL! Already got the "Whatever, it sounds dumb" on teh SAM name and it has been popular :D

I'd almost be inclined to name something Sweet Jesus, but this ain't it either and I wouldn't want people to lop off my head just for the statement.

I was thinking Hubba, hubba ... that almost could be misconstrued as Bubba, which doesn't always, maybe less than 1% of the time, equate to that long whistle of approval (not the kind men give.)

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Corn-fed :grin2:

Eye Candy

Hot and Bothered

Midwest Gentleman (or Southern Gentleman in my case :P )

Mystery Man

007 (can you use that?)

Rock Hard :shocked2:

I love playing Scented's naming games. lmao

I avoided opening this post all day because I just knew I'd be laughing until I cried.:laugh2: CBE, I used to call my friend eye candy so when I saw that one I lost my drinK! And corn-fed OMG :laugh2: .

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