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Starrville FO's


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Well, I just wanted to say that I ordered a crap load of FO's from this company, because TXCS couldn't get my order in time (technical issues).

I ordered Starrville's Creme Brulee (5 lbs.), Leather (10 lbs.), Lavender Fields (2 lbs.), Hot Apple Pie (5 lbs.) and Amber Romance (3 lbs.) for store orders.

I must say that they are terrific! Strong OOB, strong HT and CT and burning them is heavenly!

A bit higher priced than what I am normally accustomed to, but I needed the FO's next day. I had ordered a few of their FO's years ago, and took a chance and happy that I did.

Customer Service was awesome. Packing was fantastic! Shipping to me was $32 from Tyler, TX.

Just thought I'd post my experience with this company.


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WOW!! Those round jars with the gazebo lids are cool. Great price too. The only thing I don't like is that the fragrances don't have descriptions. Just might have to try some of those jars. Thank you for mentioning this company.:highfive:

Yep, they're cool, bought 2 dozen and saw that the lids were plastic...bummer.....

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I use them a lot. I think they are too high on their oils. But I know the oils well. If you want a description, or want to know if they are good, let me know. I have used them for 6 years. Not all the oils are terrific, but the ones you picked are good. They also sell a 12 side 9oz. for 6.25 a case. They also sell alot of soap making stuff. And they have palm wax.

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