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Scenting car fresheners


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I plan on brushing on the fragrance but not sure what to put them on to dry. Can't be aluminum foil. It will turn the lighter ones amd make then greyish.Paper towels will absorb the fragrance so I was thinking of wax paper.I did these but it was 3 years ago. Not so sure about wax paper either. Also what should I blot them with. Again paper towels would remove to much of the scent. Maybe a rack of some sort????

Can anyone refresh my memory.This is for a small wholesale and it will only be 1 FO.THat makes it easier.Not changing and from what I got at shows people would like one shape and their favorite FO was on another shape they didn't like. OF COURSE. I think the wholelsaler made the right choice.Only one to choose as long as everyone likes the scent. :grin2:

Any ideas????

Thank You


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