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have pity on my ignorance!


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First let me say that I had thought that i was gonna make me some body cream, tried reading up on it..........sounded like greek to me! lol! This lady said that it was easier than making candles, so since I make candles I thought I could do it. What! she must of been crazy! I can't even get started.:embarasse

So anyway, I just bought a Multibase-EL from my supplier, said all I had to do was add equal amount of water to base for a body butter. But THEN someone told me that if I added too much fo, the whole thing would "melt"! Now I am afraid to even open the lid!

Could someone tell me how to literally add the water and fo? Is that all I do, just say......take a bowl, add 8oz base, then 8oz water, then 1/2 oz fo and mix all together? Maybe keep cool? Please tell me that is all........! Do I "whip" or stir alot or add anything else? By the way I got one multibase in "goats milk" and one in "cocoa butter".

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