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changing waxes...

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not that I want to but I have no choice... I hate the thought of all the testing...

anyone use WSP's blends... if so, what do you think of them...

she has the IGI 6006 & Crafters Choice SP Wax.... I can drive there so that's where I'm starting..

thanks !!


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The crafters choice is the same as the 6006. So they said!

I have both of them but only played a little.

I too wanted more soy. I actually mixed that with soy to get rid of the frosting.

If you head up to WSP give yourself plenty of time. That place is almost impossible to get in and out of quickly. You can smell all the FO's, check out the containers, touch the waxes. They have pretty much everything out to see.

I will be making a trip over there soon. My niece wants more rubber duckies for Christmas!

Have fun if you go!

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I'll be headed there after Christmas... just don't have the time right now.. and I have enough Perfect Blend to last me ...

I know what you mean about getting out of there... I try and close my eyes when I go to pick up and order as I usually end up adding to it... LOL

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