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415 wax

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After almost 5 years and using the 402 soy I am about to change to 415. To many wicking problems and also having to use so many different wicks and not a small medium or large. This 402 wax is starting to be a problem with wicking.Always burned good but now the candles aren't.

I am now using the 415 in 2 scents I have worked on these for 3 weeks and it is starting to burn nice. Will wait a little longer but not tunneling as soon as it starts burning. Already almost a full melt pool in less than a hour. And here I thought it was the FO and wicks and might not be after all.

I have been problems almost 2 months. I hope they are solved now. Also had to go to a large wick when I medium wick had been fine in the JJ and classic jar with 402. It wasn't just the spicy ones I expected this from but some like Orange Chiffon and Lavender.

Anyone else use 415 and like it and anyone use 402??? Seems I don't see alot on here talking about 402 soy.


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I have been using the 415 for several years and mix mine with about 3-4% beeswax and I love the candles I get from it. I had gone through testing several waxes before I found one that worked for me. I hope you have good luck with it and it works well for you.

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I decided the change after suddenly I couldn't find a wick for the

flower pot votive for just 2 fo's that were ordered.I knew it could be the fragrance, wicks or else dyes but really nothing was working.SO thought about a different wax. Finally one of the scents worked(also did get another fragrance) but it was some wicks I had tried but hadn't worked before. . Even seemed with the 402 lately most scents and my jars I was having to go to a large wick with some of these FO's and most used to take a medium wick.

I know I tried a different FO but this cranberry and this 415 wax the scent just blew me away. So 415 might throw better.I didn't even let the candle cure and I was amazed at the scent throw. Also finally a wick worked.

Going to check more but this wax with such a problem I was having seems to work and might be alot of changing waxes and not the scent or wicks. Hope so.


Thank you both but I never did mix my 415 with anything. Might try but pretty happy now just getting this problem solved. Glad too because I can get this wax locally and this company carries many waxes if I decide to change again.

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