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Best Sales for Candle Supplies

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Hi all, I have a number of things I'd like to purchase but dont have to right away. I'm new at ordering things for candles on-line and wondered what you consider the best sales. Not necessarily vendors, but % reductions, S/H, etc.

What time of the year are the best sales for candle goods, and do you have any in particular that you look forward to? Any information would be helpful.

Thanks, Meconella.

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Well get signed up for newsletters. Usually this month is pretty good with some fragrance suppliers who look to reduce inventory with year end sales.

As for percentages, depends on where you are and if a company even has reasonable shipping. Some don't, IMO. For instance, it's hard to justify $15 shipping for a pound bottle of something that costs $26 ... KWIM?

Most supply places are pretty reasonable. If you're looking for wax sales though ... dunno that anyone has such a thing. Candlewic, Peak and a few other places tend offer monthly sales. come to think of it, not sure Candlewic did this year, because I don't recall getting their monthly newsletter for quite a while.

It's going to kind of end up being what you find on your searches and the relationship to develop with that company. You may not like supplies/fragrances they offer and you may end up loving it.

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It's going to kind of end up being what you find on your searches

Thanks for the info. I'll start signing up for newsletters. Guess I should come up with another email addy for that.

I can see where it would be great to live near a good supplier. Too bad I dont. Paying sales tax is less than some of those high S/H charges. :rolleyes2

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