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KY Perfect Blend...

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I can't believe she's not going to carry this anymore... not sure how long it's been but I just saw it yesterday...

for those of you that were using it... what are you going to do or are you doing...

thank goodness I have a 55lb box left for orders... don't think I could handle testing wax right now...

thanks !

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I switched to Candlewic's CBL130. Actually I did that early this year because last fall I ordered 4 cases of the old Perfect Blend and had horrible problems with it. I had been using this wax for a while and really liked it but...I was ready to tear my hair out last year while pouring candles for my Christmas Open House.

I poured the CBL130 straight...and then I thought I would try adding 10% of the PB to it so I could get it used...had the same problem that I did with using just the PB.

I have 3 cases left and I am SLOWLY using it..adding it to my FR3035 for votives and tarts. Blended with the paraffin it works fine.

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I was using the perfect blend as well. I really liked using that wax. Once I figured out she wasn't going to be carrying that wax, I switched to C3. I just got it in and I will be playing with it today. Anyone have any experience with C3?

For my votives, I use the parasoy for tarts & votives. I love it! Hopefully, she will not discontinue that wax. It's so easy to work with and it's a nice one pour wax for me.

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