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Berts Heaven Scents


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I love ..

Redwood & Cedar

Pumpkin Custard Spice

Lemon Biscotti Pie

Aspen Forest

Sensational Pine

Creme Brulee

Coolwater (for soap)

Raspberry Brulee..

I know there are other but I cant thinks of them.

I have not tried many of her newer ones yet..

Edited to say..

You could not do business with a nicer person..

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As for the designer scents, the Love Spell is a good dupe. I just got in the Dream Angels Heavenly and Hawaiian Tropic. Both of these OOB smell like they are good dupes too. I haven't had a chance to get them into wax or any B&B applications but plan to soon.

Others not mentioned that I also use are:


Christmas Pear

Apple Dumpling


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I love her scents. I have a bunch I havent tried. Those I tried are Lemon Biscotti,Pumpkin Custard Spice and Cherry.All are awesome. I have about 15 now and ordered 14 more this week. She is so nice.

IN fact I have to get my payment to her. She ships fast and gets order out the same day.I ordered one morning and that day it must have been out.The order was here within a day or 2. I am in Ohio and she is in IN.

I was looking for a buttered popcorn scent but she doesn't have it. Was going to add it to my order today. I got a wholesale account today and they want all buttered popcorn.I am sending a few samples from three different companies. Bert adds more and more new scents all the time and maybe that will be one someday. :yay:


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I like the Hollyberry in melts. I haven't made them, but some nice CT member sent me one to try and it smells great in wax! I wasn't sure OOB, so that is why I was sent one so I didn't waste wax if I didn't like it.

I might order more since she has great customer service and great prices. Also want to try her flavor oils soon.


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I use some of her FO's in 6006, 1 oz. per lb.

Vanilla Latte - super strong

Lemon Biscotti Pie - super duper strong

Blackberry (limited - not avail anymore) I just love it!

Orange Blossom - one my personal favs

Cabernet - great throw!

Peanut Butter Crunch - wanna eat it up!

They all throw like crazy.



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I like her Redwood and Cedar, Coolwater, and Blackraspberry Vanilla In soap

Redwood and Cedar, turns a dark carmel

Coolwater..stays light..

Blackraspberry Vanilla turn a light carmel color, but you can swirl and see it..

Thin Mints just seized on me tonight, I HPed it and am hoping for the best (fortunately it was a kitchen/coffee grounds soap so a rustic look won't kill me)

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