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Candles and Supplies Liquid Dyes

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I ordered a few 4 oz bottles of liquid dye from their most recent surplus sale.. note I have only used Peak's liquid dyes and dye chips so I am unfamiliar with other dyes, but I couldn't pass this sale up!!

Anyway, I just got them in and opened the package.. WOW they are strong!!!

Has anyone ever used these before and if so.. are they supposed to smell like that?? Will this affect the FO in the candle and the way it burns? Peaks do not smell like that..

I didn't even open the bottles, just opening the box they came in let off a strong odor and has given me quite a headache..

TIA.. :D

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I was thinking of doing the same thing.. I noticed that some of the labels were discolored, which made me wonder if the "dye" or something in them isn't seeping out through the plastic bottles.. I may transfer them because now the entire room is starting to smell!! Lol..


I don't know if these are from their regular line or not.. the sale said something about French dyes? All I know is that they were $4.99 for each 4 oz bottle instead of $14.99 each.. like I said, couldn't pass that up! I'm such a sale addict! Lol

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