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Its been awhile.... new baby products


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Hey Momma!!! Looking good!

How are things?

Love the pics!

Things are insanely busy but great!! I just had my anual open house this past weekend so I dont have to tell you how busy the last month has been... we also moved just before that lol.. all with a 3 year old and a 6 mth old.. sigh.. am I nuts.. maybe lol...

Yep Scented back at it.. and it feels good.. I have made more then I could ever post here the last two weeks and although its so tiring it feels great!!!

OH Sherry you have no idea.. these balms have saved me which is why I am so uber proud of them Belle's bumb is always happy (hehe) my son's cronic red cheeks and under the nose is under control and countless friends and family have benifited from the snuffy balm... its sooo great to have some natural products to turn to to help even if its just a little

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It all looks great and it sounds wonderful. I've got a new grandbaby coming the first of July and would love to make products for him/her (we'll find out Feb.9). Any tips you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to e-mail me. Love your packaging.


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Thanks Nancy, congrats on the bundle coming, send me a PM with what you would like to make and I will see what tips I can spare lol... I am happy to help

Carlena, I have a site but I am in the middle of working on it cause its slightly horrible and very outdated lol.. its getting there but not post worthy yet.. I can give it to you if you pm me though

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