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How long do you leave the cover on when cooling candles?

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I've covered a few candles while cooling and had good results (no wet spots), but that has been when I was not in any rush and left them for over a day before I uncovered.

I know it will depend on room temp, how many candles, etc. i don't want to uncover too soon, but i have limited work space. I'm afraid if I peak and/or try to feel the glass, and it's too soon, it will mess them up. right now i have 2 roly polys under a small box. they are 3 inch diameter at the top, about 8 ounces each (9 ounces liqud wt.). I poured them around midnight, it's now 9:30 am. It's about 72 in the room. I have searched thru the veggie wax candle forum using various words i thought might help, but didn't find anything about time lengths. Can anyone give me a starting point?



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When I was using a cardboard box I would uncover in the morning and they were cool. I usually pour at night. I just tried a really good styrofoam box and they were still warm in the morning so with that I will wait closer to 24 hours. I did touch one and it is the only one now that has a huge wet spot! So I will NOT peak again! Learned my lesson!!

ETS: So depending on my "covering", depends on the time I leave them.



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"Wet spots" are caused by the wax contracting from the glass from temperature changes. While it's certainly possible that peeking for too long can cause a rush of cooler air that could cause some uneven cooling, I don't think simply touching a container is gonna cause "wet spots" unless your hands are like popcicles and the warmth of the container is so obvious that touching is unnecessary.

I like styrofoam for palm wax (slower cooling for maximum crystal formations), but cardboard is fine for soy unless your house is a lot colder than this drafty old house!

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