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NorthStar Country Candle

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Hi All! :wave:

I am new to the forum and am looking forward to meeting you all and chatting about candles!

I have a question for ya.. has anyone tried NorthStar Country Candle's fragrances? If so... what are your opinions? Decent? Strong? They are having a decent sale on their 16 oz bottles, and am very tempted to buy :D, but I have only used Peak's FOs so far.


Happy candle making and blessed be!


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Thank you Tootie for your welcome!! And FoxHill for your reply!

To Tootie:

Truth, I have only been making candles for about 3 weeks now, in fact, I have only made 4 total!! Lol.. 2 pillars and 2 containers. But I am HOOKED. :D I really have just fallen head over heels with wax, have always loved wax, but now that I can "really" play with it.. wow. I am so inspired. I am so eager to try everything I can get my hands on.. but I must be patient and take one at a time, and test each one, because eventually I would like to sell them. I see you are in Lovely Arizona.. me too!! Have lived here for 13 years. ;)


Thanks for your reply.. I am not sure yet that I am going to buy, I am using soy wax for the containers, but don't want to get a huge order of scents I haven't tried yet, and find out I don't like them, or that they don't work well.. hence my question, but you said you had luck with them. I was also contemplating trying one of their sample packs, but I think by the time I get it (they ship from Minnesota I believe, so it would probably be over a week unless i use express shipping, defeating the purpose of a sale lol), their sale would probably be over.

I think I will just stick with Peak for now.. I just love bargain shopping!! Who doesn't right?

But If anyone else has had luck with NSCC's FOs let me know, please.. I may keep a watch on them and try them out just to see. :tongue2:

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Oh we are in lovely Sierra Vista! I much preferred Tucson, there is absolutely NOTHING down here to do, especially for crafters! Although Tombstone is a mere 20 minutes away, but can you believe we don't even have a Michaels down here?? I think we have one hobby shop in town and it is specifically for model airplanes and cars and such. Don't get me wrong, that's a neat hobby in itself, just not my cup o' tea lol...

So you travel alot huh? My DH is currently in Wyoming for work and may be going to Texas after the first of the year.. but we did get to see him for the Thanksgiving holiday, and will be going up to visit him and my MIL for Christmas! Oh I just can't wait for the climate shock!! Lol..

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My reply is going to sound the same as foxhills.....

Several years ago I ordered samples and I DO remember what I poured threw well in the soyblend that I was using at the time. I have notes........somewhere. If I can find them I'll post again.

Since then I have changed my wax a few times and truthfully...I forgot about Northstar. I am almost positive they have Claire Burke's Original scent. I have 2 customers that love tarts in this scent. I used to use one from a supplier that had fantastic fragrances but closed several years ago...BNL (Bubbles and Lights). I'm hoarding the last few ounces that I have from them...and not many suppliers carry this scent.

Thanks for reminding me about Northstar.....:D

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Well Maggie glad to help lol.. yeah check them out they have a ton of different fragrances and their sale is pretty good right now.. I think it is buy five 16 oz bottles and get one free and the total is around $75.00 for the lot.. bringing the cost down to about $0.78/oz. Not too shabby! :D

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