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Rebatch help


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I'm still pretty much a newbie and need your help.

I just made my first batch of goat milk soap and all was going well till I added Honey Almond FO and it traced so fast all I could do was plop it in the mold and pat it down a little. It wasn't even thick enough yet to hold the drop on top for a second when I added the FO so I thought I was okay but no-o-o! This in only my third batch of soap and it's now in the frig.

How long should I wait to rebatch it? I'm thinking about using the boil-in-bag method. What do you think about that and what should I add to it?

To give a few details I used CO-OO-caster oil & lard. I used canned goat milk which I added the concentrate to my oils and used the water to make the lye solution. I haven't used the FO before so I didn't know it would speed the trace the way it did.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test then the lessons!

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Do you want to rebatch because it looks bad?

I would suggest to rebatch soon

I do hp method (that's cooking it 2 hrs) and rebatch the next morning.

I do it differently that most

I hp in the stock pot and leave it in the oven over night then reheat it till its goopy I then whip it and add fo at that time .

I call it my whip rebatch method.

I am not sure about cp method though

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It doesn't just look bad. I think it's probably unusable as is. It looks kinda chunky! I think I should let it sit for at least 24 hours before rebatching. I'm getting some experience a little quicker than I'd like but I guess that's the best teacher. LOL

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The fresher soap is, the easier it can be to re-batch and the less liquid you will need to add to add to it. Be careful though for soap that is fresh that may have some lye still present. If you think lye is still present, make sure to wear gloves when grating the soap.

The boil bag method is a good one to use or you can just grate the soap and add it to a crock pot. When adding your liquid, add small amounts (I use TBS) at a time. The more liquid you add, the longer it will take to harden up. Once its all melted down, you can put it into a mold. Rebatched soap does not look at all like CP. It will have a rougher, more rustic look to it.

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Well I did it! What most people call rustic I call ugly but it's a yummy soap even if it is ugly.

I grated it in a plastic crockpot liner, put a little water in the crockpot, put the bag in without adding water to the soap, put the lid on the pot, turned it on low and stired it about every half hour till it was melted, cut the corner off the bag and squeezed it into the mold.

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