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CD wicks...can someone explain


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I went to the Wicks Unlimited site to view the CD info.

In the chart of info there is something that I think I understand but would like a little verification....

Wick size ROC Flame Ht Pool Diam

Stabilo-12 0.24 2.39 1.93

Stabilo-14 0.22 2.02 2.00

Stabilo-16 0.24 2.54 2.01

to me it looks as if the 12 might be a little hotter than the 14.... like the order really is 14, 12, 16.

Am I understanding this info correctly?

TIA for any and all help


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Just because the flame height is higher does not mean it is hotter. What determines the size is melt pool diameter that is what make the 14 larger than the 12 even if the other ratios are larger on the 12.

Now with the 12 the container itself might get a little hotter because of the higher flame height, which would mean you could use the smaller wick. You need to take in the chimney factor when working with container candles to determine that.

The test they use is in a slab of wax the only true comparison would be in a pillar. Containers you have several other factors to figure in when choosing a wick.

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