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Say Yes to Carrots

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I wanted to try the body butter because of what people were saying but it never went on sale enough for me to try it, way too expensive, IMO. I bought the moisturizer because it was in line with what I spend now. I ended up allergic to it, LOL, so a big waste of money there.

So, yesterday my sister who buys their body butter once in a while even though I make her my own whipped butter, calls me and said Walgreen's had it for $1.99, regularly $12.99 for a seven hour sale. She bought a Yes to Tomatoes for me to try since I was allergic to something in the carrot one. This stuff is very nice I do have to say. BUT, no better than what I make, nope, not at all. I think the way it feels going on is what makes the product. I know the moisturizer felt really nice going on.

Just an FYI if you use this stuff, if you go to their website and sign up you can get a buy one get one free coupon. I did and bought the shampoo and conditioner with it.

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I LOVE the body butter and can't live w/o it now! The ingredients in this product can not be duplicated or maybe I should say, I've never come across a body butter with the natural ingredients.

I did buy the shampoo and conditioner and love them as well.

The only thing I've not been impressed with is the night cream.

I need more moisture.

I've heard rave reviews of their shower gel, but haven't tried it yet.

I just wish I had a Walgreens near me!

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