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Wish Me Luck..MY Country Christmas Two Day Sale Starts Today


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Its Beginning to Look Like Christmas..I awoke this am to White Beautiful Snow...I had to take the broom to my car to get all that darn white stuff off...HO HO HO...I am so glad I have my studded snow tires on....

The Festivities are our yearly Country Christmas... we set up today Friday from 8:30 to 1:30 .Sale Begins at 2 until 10 pm.

The Santa Claus parade starts at 7 oclock sharp and when Santa has made his Drive by LOL...Then midnight madness begins...shop shop shop until you drop...We at the Crafters Mall are swamped with Shoppers..Wish us all a Great Sale....Then Back again Saturday from 9 to 5.....

My widdle car is packed to the brim.its a VW Golf Diesel....4 large totes. two display shelves and many other smal ones. Two folding tables. A soap dispay box filled to the brim with colorful and Scent and Simplicity soaps...Lots of other products too oh and a dolley...I am giving away lots of goodies this year..Salt Bars, Mens Cologne, and some Arnica Pain Balm.....a few lip blams...Hopefully I will have return customers after they try these goodies...:D

I will fill you in on how this sale has done

Send good Craftserve Vibes for me:D

Forgive any spelling errors I am just heading out the door


Hugs Maggie

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