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Carmen's "Silky Suds" recipe as a foot soak question


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Do you think Carmen's Silky Suds recipe would be good as a foot soak? I want to make this for Christmas gifts with a foot brush. I was thinking to leave out the SLSA so that the pan they use to soak in doesn't overflow with bubbles. Should I add something in place of the SLSA? Here are the original ingredients:

16 oz. baking soda

4 oz. citric acid

8 oz. SLSA

7 oz. sea salt

3.5 oz. dry non-fat milk

Fragrance oil

Skin safe colorant, if desired

Thank you.

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You could possible replace the SLSA with epsom salts. No bubbles but you get the therapeutic value of the epsom. I use epsom straight in my foot bath.

Some menthol crystals might be nice to add if your not going to use any other fragrance or you can add menthol to any fragrance that would go well with peppermint - like vanilla or chocolate.

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