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Flower Pot Votive wicking


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I think these are cute and a good thing for people to buy when testing a certain scent. BUT the wicking is a BIG problem. I tested some scents and they were fine but has to be a LARGE wick. Now with the 3 scents I am testing( a order for them) a problem.Start out with a good flame/burn.Get to the full melt pool and a small flame. Even at the part of the glass votive that is narrower at the bottom. The Vermont Maple Syrup is fine(slight hang up) but I am worried the flame will get smaller toward the narrow part of the votive like the others. So that one will probably not work either. :cry2:

I use 402 wax with a large wick and really no better than the medium wick BUT the 8 ounce JJ do fine with a medium wick with these scents. Look how much bigger 8 ounces JJ are than the flower pot votive.:rolleyes2

I have no idea but in the last 2 months my testing has been leaning toward all large wicks and used to be with the 8 ounce and 9 ounce jars the medium wick was fine. I don't get it. Could my supplier possibly be getting the wicks from another manufacturer or just these scents are such bears to wick. Just to many scents lately I have to wick up.

The 3 I am testing now are Hawaiian Paradise, Cranberry and Vermont Maple Syrup.Are these wicker uppers for some of you?? I use 402 soy wax and large wicks for this smaller candle are not workiing unless maybe a different type of wick.

I do have some RRD 47 and RRD 50 wicks.These I will try next but just a bear.

Any suggestions.Some of you might not use the flower pot votive.

Oh I had been going to give these as samples(to orders) because the flower pot votives were 2 for 50 scents at the Dollar Store BUT now they are $1.00 each. Another price Hike.:mad:


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When I made the Dixie cup votives that can go into the flowerpot thingies i was using KY125 and I think 10% beeswax. Anyway the wicks I used were from KY's site....they were "self centering" votive wicks. I dont remember the size of the wick but it is the ONLY self centering wick she sells. Anyway those are what worked for me.

Also I used HTP83 in the flowerpot thingie poured like a candle.


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