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No scent the 2nd half of the candle?

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What would cause a candle to only smell the first half it is burned and the second half smells like nothing.

Basically why would the scent float to the top? I have heard of the scent sinking to the bottom if it was not mixed well or mixed in when the wax was too cool etc.. Anyone have any insight? It is a quality FO and performed well in other one pour waxes. The heating adding of the fo timing and pour temps were followed just as directed by the manufacture. What could it be?

I should probably mention that it burned perfectly even though it had no scent the second half. The flames were the correct height, nice even melt pool not too shallow, not too deep, no sooting.

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Thanks for your replys, I know that is what I was thinking or maybe just the change in air flow from running the heater more, but it was not because even moving it into a small room did nothing, the burn was great the second half just no smell. I played with the wicks just for the heck of it before I posted just trying to eliminate a few things that could have went wrong. Going down a size drowned out and going up a size the flame was too high and they sooted. Neither gave a better scent.

I gave the candle to a friend and had him burn it at his house and he said the same thing. Just no smell the second half. So wicking and candle nose is not it. I am so stumped. What in the world would cause the fragrance to float to the top?

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What is "wicking for the last half of the container"?
It means that the amount of heat and oxygen available in the lower half (closer to the bottom) of a container (and even the condition of the wick itself) will be different from the first half (closer to the top). The extent to which this affects the burn depends upon the depth & width of the container, its shape, the size/type of wick used, etc.

For example, you can have a wonderful burn going on until about halfway, then the candle starts burning hotter or cooler, depending on the conditions inside that particular container, so the wicking needs to be adjusted for the last half of the burn. ;)

Funkymonkey, what kind of wax, FO & amount, wick type and size, container shape and dimensions, etc. are we talking about here? Makes a difference... ;)

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Should the wicks be smaller or larger for the first half of the jar?

It depends on the shape of the jar. For example if the jar is tapered and the bottom is smaller than the top, then you should use a wick suited to the diameter at the bottom. If your wick was suited for the diameter at the top, then it would be too big when it gets to the bottom.

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