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Have you heard of Bomba Insurance?


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If anyone is looking for great insurance for B&B, wax tarts & melts, this company is awesome. They don't cover anything with a wick, however, they we CAN write over 125 different types of "Home-Based" businesses with many arts & crafts & handicrafts classifications.

I personally know they care about their clients & friends and conscientiously will always steer someone down the right path, even if it is not THEIR "policy path". They are a wealth of information. Ken Bomba has helped me find insurance for another business, something that his company doesn't offer.

Just thought I'd let everyone know about this company.:grin2:

edited to add...the website would probably help! Sorry bout that!


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I took a look at their website, but don't see anything about product liability insurance which I've been looking for for ages...looks like they cover injuries (say in your booth or home) and theft etc if your products are stolen or lost, but I don't believe this policy will protect you, say if someone gets an infection from contaminated lotion and tries to sue. They refer to RLI insurance which also excludes product liability. If I'm wrong, let me know...I may just call for clarification.

I know I could get product liability insurance through Soap Makers Guild or Indie Beauty, but I don't want to be required to also pay and join those as a member.

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