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Scents change in tarts


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I hope this is the right section to post this: one of my distributors told me that TSW London Lemon Curd changes completely when she melts a tart with this fo. The first melting is absolutly fine, strong scent, perfect. Next burn: no more lemony scent, only strange bakery notes left.

Same with Baked Apple Pie (as one customer told her)

What is this? Is it because the head notes vanish?

I guess there is nothing I can do except changing the fo, but nothing smells as good as London Lemon Curd..:sad2:

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I don't make candles, but when I test tarts I allow them "burn" until

the fragrance has faded, that way I can makes sure my fos don't have some

top notes that burn off before the rest of the notes are gone. I had a lavender blend that was initially a very beautiful fragrance but stunk after a few hours melt time due to the fact that some tops burned off leaving an

unpleasant aroma. Now this same fo would probably be fine in candles since the fo is constantly being consumed by the flame and fresh fo is taking it's place in the melt pool as new wax melts and the candle burns down.

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