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How do I figure out how much soap I need for my mold?


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This is a question I have never known and have been doing melt and pour for a few years and just figure out roughly how much my mold will hold and then always end up short on my M&P and then run like a mad women and add more M&P to my mold.

Is there a formula for figuring out how much melt and pour to weigh out to fit your mold size?

When I make CP I always use the summerbeameadows size to fit your mold link which works great. Or I heard you can also do LxWxHx.40 but think this is only for CP as I tried it once for M&P and was short of course.

There is obviously something I'm missing here so thought I would just ask as some bright spark must know the answer.

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I think I might try that but it's a divider mold, well it can do different combinations but it will probably leak out.

You just made me realize though I need to figure out the volume of the area to figure out how much M&P I need. Your on to something here.


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Firefly, I seem to remember reading on either this forum or another that this formula will work for mp: LxWxHx.54

I did try it once on of my 1 lb mold & it worked. Let us know if you try it.

Since I usually use individual molds, I do as prairieannie does, I measure the volume of the mold & melt that amount. That works also.

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your welcomed firefly.

I just got a chance to look at my notes. I wanted to make sure I had my numbers right. There's a slight correction to what I posted above.

LxWxHx.554 for raw soap (i.e., for oils & liquid) and will work for mp also.

Do let us know when you try it so others will have this info too.

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