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Should I wick up?? Foil Loaf Tins

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Hi Everyone!

I hope your shows are going well. I have a Major show on Sunday and I cannot get these F***** pans to wick!! Here is a picture of testing with 2 CD16's...to me that is a BIG wick...my wax is KY Perfect Blend...which is about 60-75% soy. Please help. I hate this hang up. But I don't want the tins to get too hot! It has about one more 3-4 burn. Would you leave it like this? :sad2:


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Thank you for the replies, they are about 3.5 x 6.5". I was hoping to avoid 3 wicks as most of the time I see these done they have 2 wicks. I tired with 3 CD 10's and it did work better, was hoping to stay at 2.I will contact Vickey...not sure if she has wicked these though. Thanks so much!!

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Well, I'm ready to scream...seems the perfect blend is off the website. I guess I have to retest Everything! Nice during busy season...I guess I can only do this one show this yr. I know there were Alot of inconsistances with PB so it looks like she has done away with it. :mad:

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