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Going Crazy

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Ok maybe it's me but this is driving me crazy. I purchased several cases of ECOYA PB wax a few months ago and all was well until I got down to my last box. It seems like there may be some water in my wax. When I pour my wax from my presto pot into my pour pot an mix with dye and scent my scent seems to do funny things almost looks like it is not mixing well or even seperating. When I finally get it mixed and pour I whipe out my pot and see beads at the bottom like someone has just poured water in my pot and mixed with oil. Can this be possable could there be water in my wax? :mad: I know it is not from me I don't store my wax anywere near water. Regina

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I haven't used your wax type but have had water in slabs of container wax before. It is a pain to work with. What I have noticed is if there is water in the wax once it is melted to temp it seems to make spuddering or popping sounds. Normally the water will gather together or pool so to speak. Could moisture have gathered in the bottom of the wax cartons? I would suspect it happened before it got to you . . Sorry if I wasnt much help, maybe someone using that kind of wax has a bit more insight.

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