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I'm trying (testing) some new liquid that dollar per dollar on a pound by pound should go further than the Pylam powder and be more soluble.

We'll see... all I know is I'm DONE with Pylam. I spoke with them today and they are telling me that 2 oz (on average) of die does 90 lbs of wax. First of all, even if that was right, it is NOTHING Like how powder dye use to react. Now I'm being told that powdered stearic is being used to "cut" the dye, most likely.

Either way -- no more. And to add insult to injury they couldn't wait to get me off the phone. I do two different vats, one 150lb and one 450lb. Do the math. You could color it the same with Reddiglo (that was a joke) :D.

End of rant. ;)

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How so, Vicky? I hate the mess of the durn liquid dyes I currently use, but I don't want to change to something worse!

Well I am a accident prone and little bit of powder ends up more on me and tossed around then in the wax. That stuff is just too expensive for my accident prone self.

I will stick to my liquid dyes or my dye blocks it just better. Of course I have made a few messed with the liquid but have been lucking enough not to make so much it cost me a fortune.

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I like using powdered dye but I don't quite use it in the quantity that you use it in.

I thought Candlewic sold it in larger amounts, have you checked them out. I thought in my old bookmarks I had another place, but now I don't know if that was Pylam that you use or someone else. If I find that bookmark I'll post it.

I like certain colors form certain suppliers, like xyz's red & yellow, and abc's brown, & black. (KWIM) but I have no idea who the manufacturer is.

Karen B

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I googled and found a couple places that might be what you want -

First let me say I know nothing about either of these places nor have I dealt with either - I pasted the amount each site claims for usage underneath the respective links


1/2 ounce of powder dye will color about 150-200 pounds of wax to a medium shade


1/2oz will easily dye 40-70 lbs of wax depending on depth of color desired


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