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Wood Wicks


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I was sitting in a local watering hole enjoying an adult beverage, when a woman I never met approached and asked if I was "that candle guy". When I told her I made candles, she told me I better change my jars, cause they were breaking when the candles burn, and people were going to sue me. I asked where she got one of mine, and she mentioned a store in town. When I explained I do not sell my candles in that store, she assured me it was one of mine, 'cause she saw the candle company name on my van outside. Anyway, the woman was pretty well lubricated at the time, so I decided not to argue.

After finishing my drink, I drove to the store to see how my candles were being sold there without my knowledge. I inquired as to which candles were having trouble, and I was told they were discontinuing the Wood Wicks candles due to the jar breakage. I guess the hour glass shape is too close to the flame in the center, and the glass is breaking.

Anyone else hear of this?


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