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OK so I spent too much at CS...


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I didnt get the Buttered Rum...

I got

Juniper Breeze

Mulberry (people keep asking for it)

Cinn Buns

Frank and Myr...

Basil and Herb

Holly Berry

Creme Brule

Pumpkin Souffle

Very Vanilla

cant wait till they get here....I have Christmas Presents to pour up!!


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Those ones are some GOOD ones.... I didn't personally like the mulberry or the F&M but the rest rocks.....

I had placed an order on the 12th... Makes me sick. This could go in another thread that was posted... But oh well.... Still might place another one anyway...:P

I like the asian amber and the rain water too.... The rain water is GREAT! So fresh and clean and strong... And like a real after the rain...

Hope you have fun with the new ones... Money well spent...LOL


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Rainwater might be a good one here in AZ....we dont get much rain here....

I cant wait to see what the Mulberry smells like. I got a sample coming of something....cant remember which one.:confused:

The Juniper Breeze was really nice I tested that one and LOVED it.


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Tootie,I love their Mulberry, but even better is their Wildberry Mouuse. To me it smells like a creamy mulberry. You made a lot of good choices, the Juniper Breeze is the best I ever tried.

Is the Juniper Breeze a B&BW type? If it is, it really needs to say so on the site. If it is a type, how does it compare to the old BnL Juniper Breeze?

And yep, that Wildberry Mousse is one of my favorites. I don't do much food stuff, but that one is fantastic.

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I have already got my list ready to go and can't order til I get off work, but so happy I can get some stuff while they have their fragrance shipping offer!

As far as the Juniper Breeze - I thought it smelled like B&BW but I didn't have anything from there to compare as far as how much it did smell like it, but it definately reminded me of B&BW. Never tried BnL.

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Hey Tootie.... did you sample hot buttered rum?? If so, how was it?!

I am getting my list together!

I got a very good HT with Hot buttered rum..in 415..

I am guilty too..of not passing up a good sale..

I am going to try..pumpkin souffle..blackberry marmalde...

lavender vanilla...spiced wassail..english garden..

and ordered 16oz. of Mac Apple...

I just love this scent,,and throws great in 415..

Also ordered Very Vanilla..it throws great in 415 also..

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For once my timing was right! I very seldom get online when I'm at home so I missed the announcement of the sale. But I had a fundraiser order turned in Sunday and had to order some FOs, part of them from CS, so I was thrilled to see that I actually NEEDED to place an order during a free shipping sale! Of course I tried some new ones, too! I had planned to test out a few wick sizes I hadn't tried, but didn't want to mess up my free shipping, so I put aside the wicks for the next order--although I'll bet they would have tossed them in with the box of about 10 pounds of FO--just didn't want to take a chance. I'm such a play-by-the-rules girl!!:rolleyes2

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Mine are due in Thursday but I won't get to pour them until next week :sad2:

I got:

Lime Cooler

Apples and Maple Bourbon

and then these were new to try:

Buttered Rum

Chocolate Biscotti

Pumpkin Souffle

Red Hot Cinnamon

Strawberry Shortcake

I am trying to let my inventory run down for end of the year but a few won't hurt :wink2:

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