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ok - I'm an idiot!


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I posted a thread about a week or so ago about how I was getting a great cold throw but no hot throw no matter what I tried

Well - the temp outside has dropped down into the 20's here tonight and I decided to burn some candles to go along with the fire in the fireplace - It didn't matter to me if I got a HT or not, I just wanted to burn something else since I was burning the wood - and I love watching candles burn, that's what got me started with all this year's ago anyway lol

Anyway, I pulled out the first box of stored tealights I came to, which was a wax blend I had attempted with 6% Peak's Sweet Pea - I lit up 6 of them on the mantle in my Living Room which measures approx 18' x 18' with a high vaulted ceiling and also is open onto the kitchen, the main entry way and the hallway back to the bedrooms (It is a LOT larger than the room I was test burning in)

Anyway, I was watching TV for a bit and all of a sudden it sank into what everyone laughingly refers to as my brain that I was smelling Sweet Pea loud and clear - And it was throughout the entire room too!

I immediately forgot about the show I was watching (It's ok - it is still on the same channel and I can rewind it - Gotta love a DVR!) and went and grabbed a couple of the other boxes - 3 tea lights of Peak's Lavendar at 6% in 6006 burning in that same 10' x 12' room with an 8' ceiling where I tested before with no HT that I could distinguish now almost runs me out of the room!

1 single tea light of Peak's Bird of Paradise at 6% in 4627 fills a 8' x 8' bathroom perfectly!

I have no idea what was going on before - but now I have to figure out which of all these waxes and blends I have poured up I like the best - not an easy choice at all because they all seem to be throwing great so far!

And I know you can't see it, but just imagine the grin going on here right now!

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I've noticed with my wax (IGI 4794 for votives), the candles are better after WEEKS of cure. This week I pulled out some 'Breeze In The Keys' (from Backwoods) votives I made back in the summer and they were much stronger now. 'Baton Rouge' from Old Mill is another that did the same thing. Some of the ones that are light to begin with get better with time.

Because of that, I've been pouring Valentine's candles this weekend!


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This reminded me of a co-worker who bought one of my candles. I have never cared for her because she is constantly complaining. I was waiting to see what she came up with on my candle.

The next day at work she came in as expected and told me that there was something wrong with my candle. She said whenever she came in the room, she could smell the candle but that after a while it lost its scent. She said I must have not evenly scented the candle!! I then explained candlenose to her. Surprisingly I didn't receive any more "complaints". I looked on it as a bonus if I could make her happy. :)

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