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Suggestion from anywho who has used any Ecosoya, Igi 6004 or Enchanted Lites Soy Wax?

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I started off (and still use) Enchanted Lites soy wax which I like but don't get perfectly smooth tops but am used to using a heat gun.

A few weeks back I ordered from a supplier that also carried a bunch of different soy waxes (Ecosoya ones and Igi 6004) so decided to try the Ecosoya CB Advanced. The consistency and burn are a dream but I'm undecided if I'm happy enough with the hot scent throw on when I use 100% CB Advanced. I've had good results with 70% CB Advanced and 30% Enchanted Lites soy mixed.

So I'm almost out of both my Enchanted Lites and CB Advanced and want to order more soy wax from my supplier.

Compared to the Ecosoya CB Advanced and Enchanted Lites (also really familiar with palm wax as well as I mix that in blends too) soy wax what is the:

-Ecosoya Pure Container Wax

-Ecosoya CB 135

-Igi 6004 soy wax

like in relation to what I've used?

I use Fragrance Oils from all over (all Canadian suppliers except The Sage FO's which I love and one my Canadian suppliers sells some Brambleberry FO's too) and Essential oils. My scent ratio with Enchanted Lites is 7% per amount of wax or 8% if using Ecosoya CB Advanced. I use wax blocks from Voyageur soap and Candle and just grate until I like the colour and don't really measure it out. My preferred wicks are LX, HTP, RRD47 for the most part but have recently been experimenting with: 44-24-18C & #3 BL SQ for the odd candle here and there.

So those who have used any of the above waxes what do you think of them? I know I have to try for myself but trying to narrow it down a bit. What I might do it buy a 5lb of each the CB135, pure container and the Igi 6004 so I get a variety.

I'm rambling a bit on this thread

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I normally prefer GB with MC because of the softness of its wax. However due to the increase of prices with soy wax. I priced around for cheaper waxes. Candle Cocoon was the cheapest in my area. They use EL wax. I figured I would give it a try. I do notice a slight variance when I pour. I have to get a feel for this one. Rumor has it Beanpod candles uses EL. So I just figured if they can find the right temp to pour regardless if they are mechanicalized in their company so can I. It's just technique.

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